The Key To Preventing Age Related Roof Ventilation Problems

Your home is probably going to be the largest investment you make during your lifetime. However, it is not only a financial investment that is expected to deliver exceptional returns in the long term There are other, more immediate returns when one takes ownership of a home. For instance, it is a place where the family can celebrate their togetherness and friends’ visit, as well as being a refuge from the stressful world of the 21st century.

Home maintenance is a way of protecting your investment – and one of the ways to ensure that your home is protected is to engage in preventative maintenance. This is especially important when it comes to roof ventilation systems that can deteriorate as they age.

This can be a real issue. It affects the general health of the roof and can be an early indicator of some general maintenance issues. Roof ventilation that has deteriorated will also not allow air to circulate properly throughout the home, making the interior extremely uncomfortable – and potentially unhealthy.

You can spot deteriorating ventilation structures in a number of ways. The first is the buildup of ice dams when the roof is covered in snow. This is due to the fact that heat is being trapped inside the roof. The second way to spot problems is when the roof develops leaks. This can be caused by the failure of the exhaust system or the intake vents to the roof. This is a problem that needs urgent attention as it can cause the failure of other roof components.

There are some preventative actions that the homeowner can take in order to preserve the roof ventilation system as it ages. One of the most important is to keep gutters clear of organic matter including leaves. This debris can cause the blockage of vents and affect the performance of the system. Debris entering these intake valves can also lead to damage. Also make sure that the roof remains free of deris. This is especially important in homes that have nearby or overhanging trees. This can cause blocked vents and is especially problematic in the Fall.

How Do You Prevent Problems With Your Roof Ventilation as Your Roof Ages 

Ensure that your seals are intact. A simple visual inspection should reveal whether the seals around the vents have suffered from deterioration. This is one of those issues that can lead to the buildup of moisture under the roof (as is the case with most problems affecting the ventilation system). This moisture buildup can end up damaging the roof through rot and the growth of fungi and mould. These are serious problems that can affect not only the structural integrity of the home, but also the health of the occupants.

When all is said and done, once your roof reaches ten years old it should be inspected as a matter of urgency. If repairs are required then the homeowner should make sure that the roofing expert is an employee of a reputable, bonded, certified and insured company. The golden rule of ventilation system care is don’t delay that all-important inspection – it could be a costly mistake.